The Los Angeles Landscape History Project is focused on the Los Angeles River Watershed, Ballona Creek Watershed, and associated coastal watershed in between, with a special focus on ecological and environmental history.

We are building a collaborative archive of reports, data, and studies to better understand the region.

Historical Ecology of the Los Angeles River Watershed and Environs

Infrastructure for a Comprehensive Analysis (2020)

Funded by: John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation

Historical Ecology of the Los Angeles River Riparian Zone in the Elysian Valley

Chapter 2 in Water Supply and Habitat Resiliency for a Future Los Angeles River: Site-Specific Natural Enhancement Opportunities Informed by River Flow and Watershed-Wide Action: Los Feliz to Taylor Yard (2016)

Funder: The Nature Conservancy

Historical Ecology of the Ballona Creek Watershed (2011)

Funder: Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission

Historical Ecology and Landscape Change of the San Gabriel River and Floodplain (2007)

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Technical Report #499


Los Angeles Coastal Prairie (1997)

Mattoni, R., and T. R. Longcore. 1997. The Los Angeles coastal prairie, a vanished community. Crossosoma 23(2):71–102.

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